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Ongoing translations:

  • Translation of financial report  ES> RU

  • Translation of 40 CV ES>CAT>DEU

  • Translating EN>ES solicitation documents

Specialized translation by areas

Specialized translation

What happened when Kentucky Fried Chicken translated into Chinese its slogan “for finger licking” that in fact was understood as “eat up your fingers”?

Bona Dicta Traducciones® takes care of your texts’ implicit communication; reason while reproducing it in another language with the same force and creative capacity of the original.

Marketing translation includes Market Researches, Personnel/Client Satisfaction Survey, Training Handbooks, Teaching Material for Seminars, Presentations, Products Labeling, etc.


“To launch, to promote a service or a product needs a big investment of time and money; but the money and the time to correct a translation error costs even more.”