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Why to trust Bona Dicta Traducciones®?

Your reliable translation agency Bona Dicta wants to be your trustable partner

Ongoing translations:

  • Translation of financial report  ES> RU

  • Translation of 40 CV ES>CAT>DEU

  • Translating EN>ES solicitation documents

Why to trust Bona Dicta Traducciones®?

When communicating in a foreign language with your international audience, do you really say what you mean to say?

In other words, to achieve a good translation it is necessary to transfer the ideas of the original text to the other language so that the reader receives the same impact.

An effective communication with your clients is fundamental for the growth of your company. Should it turn out to be insufficient, then your competitiveness on the international market may fall.

Thanks to Bona Dicta Traducciones®, your reliable translation agency that offers you the most suitable professional translators to translate and to adapt your messages, you will gain:

  1. Precision in the language: all the texts translated are subjected to a rigorous process of review by our expert linguists.
  2. Confidentiality: we fulfill data protection and security standards, which allows us to offer tranquility and confidence.
  3. Delivery of work on time: we adapt to the needs of our clients.
  4. Maximum satisfaction: our professional translators work very hard to satisfy our client’s needs and translations. The excellence of our work is our best letter of presentation.