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Ongoing translations:

  • Translation of financial report  ES> RU

  • Translation of 40 CV ES>CAT>DEU

  • Translating EN>ES solicitation documents

Sworn translation by authorized translators

Sworn translation

The sworn translation is the official translation of a document.

With Bona Dicta Traducciones, you will have the best sworn translations in Barcelona at the best price.

sworn translation must:

  • Be produced by a translator/interpreter authorized by the State, that is to say, who has been appointed  as such by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation.
  • Bear the name, signature and stamp of the sworn translator/interpreter.

But be careful! A sworn translator is not necessarily a specialized translator.

We shall be pleased to provide you with a free quotation for your sworn translation in Barcelona.

Bona Dicta Traducciones® only works with  sworn translators specializing in the subject concerned.