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Ongoing translations:

  • Translation of financial report  ES> RU

  • Translation of 40 CV ES>CAT>DEU

  • Translating EN>ES solicitation documents

Trial and focus group transcription

Service of Trial transcription (arts 147 and 187 of Code of Civil Procedure)

Our Code of Civil Procedure foresees the documentation of legal proceedings by means of systems of recording and reproduction of sound and image, and the possibility for the parties to request, at their expense, a copy of the recording of the trial.

Why Trial transcription?

Trial transcription obviates the need to view and listen to the audio-visual recordings.

It saves a lot of time in the preparation of the writings.

We provide the literal transcription of the text in a Word file; that is to say, the document contains all the sounds appearing in the record, including unfinished words, repeated words, errors of pronunciation, etc.

Service of transcription and translation of focus groups

The transcription of focus groups is a complex process that involves different personalities who often superimpose their opinions and arguments.

Bona Dicta Traducciones® separates the voices and transcribes them in a logical manner, differentiating between them inside the focus group.